Tax Season forms

New Client Form

Are you a new client of GTP?  Please complete this form to ensure we have all necessary information to prepare your personal income tax return and submit it with your income tax information.

T1 Questionnaire

Lives are always changing!  We want to stay up to date with the most accurate information.  For existing GTP clients please complete this questionnaire to make sure all pertinent information is addressed on your personal income tax return.

T1 Checklist

What credits can you claim?  What deductions are available?  Review this checklist before submitting your personal income tax documents to make sure you get every deduction and credit possible!

Rental Form

Do you have a rental property?  To help you summarize your income and expenses we have created this form.

Business Form

Did you start a new business this past year?  Or have an existing business but want to make sure you claim everything possible?  Review this form and submit it with your tax information to streamline the process and ensure you are getting every deduction possible.

AgriStability/AgriInvest Form

As a member of AgriStability/AgriInvest there is some more detailed reporting required when we file your income tax return.  Please review the form and complete all sections that apply to your farming operation.

Farm Form

If you operate a farm, but don’t participate in AgriStability or AgriInvest, please use this form to summarize your income and expenses.

Medical Expenses Form

Did you incur significant medical expenses this past year? If your expenses exceeded 3% of your net income you can claim them on your taxes! Use this form to help summarize all applicable medical expenses and travel for medical services.

TL2 Meals & Lodging Claim

Are you a long-haul trucker? Use this form to summarize meals and lodging while away from your municipality for at least 24 hours.

GST schedule

Do you operate a business that charges GST?  If so, please use this form to report your income and expenses and applicable GST.

Trust Reporting Requirements

Are you aware of the latest trust reporting rules that have been introduced? Here is a guide to help better understand what’s required.