July 4, 2017

Sarah Loewen Beaver was born and raised in Steinbach, and has been in the accounting industry since 2002.  She received a BA Honours from Providence College and became a CGA in 2007; winning the Professional Level Award of Excellence for top marks upon graduation. During the graduation ceremony, Sarah had the priviledge of reading the CGA Oath of Obligation on behalf of the graduating class, and has a copy of it on her wall as a reminder of the opportunities that she has. Sarah worked for her family’s business for many years, and enjoys being able to relate to her clients, as they discuss their challenges and successes. Sarah manages the newest GTP office in Steinbach, and as such, is well versed in Agriculture and small to medium sized enterprises. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, cheering on the Dallas Cowboys, reading military science fiction and acknowledges that she is a geek. Her kids are just old enough to agree, but still think she’s next to perfect. At the age of 12, with her first paycheque from her family’s business, Sarah purchased a statue of a business woman leaning against her desk. That statue is still in her office today.